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Rim, Sun RSWM 21836 Clear CZ (1.85x18) 36H Aluminum

Rim, Sun RSWM 21836 Clear CZ (1.85x18) 36H Aluminum
SKU: Rim, Sun RSWM 21836 Clear
Rim, Sun WM2 CZ (1.85x18) 36H Aluminum Clear Anodize
Item Number RSWM 21836 Clear (1.85x18)
  • Special Order Only. Allow 2 Weeks For Shipping.
  • Drilled For CZ Rear Conical Drum 36 Hole With 9 Gauge Spokes .300 Nipple And (1) Rim Lock.
  • Sun Rims are made with superior 6,000 series aluminum purchased only from U.S. mills.
  • Sun Rims are produced well within international standards for concentricity and diameter of plus or minus .015” (many rims made overseas do not meet this standard and can be undersized by as much as .100”).
  • Buchanan Rims shrink them in a circumpress, eliminating any elongation created during rolling, resulting in a rim more durable to impact.  Before turning, Sun Rims are within .020” of round (we have seen new rims as much as .250” out of round).  Buchanan Rims final process for making the roundest rims in the industry is CNC machine finishing all surfaces.
Price: $237.00

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