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Piston, CZ Wiseco 10457MO8324

Piston, CZ Wiseco 10457MO8324
SKU: 10457MO8324
Piston, CZ 400 83.24mm Wiseco Pro Lite (Item Number 10456MO8324)
Price: $189.00
Product Details
Wiseco Pro Lite Pistons features dedicated forging, race proven designs, CNC machined, Premium top end need bearing, high-performance ring set, and highest quality alloy pin. Benefits include superior strength/weight ratio utilizing Aerospace alloy. Optimal shape and profile for peak HP and service life. Precision machined, highest quality materials for strength and reduced friction. Extended life and sustained power. Consistently true and durable. Kit Includes: Piston, Circlips, Rings, & Wrist Pin. Made in the U.S.A (Image For Illustrative Purpose Only)

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